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    I am a passionate designer and a loyal teammate.  My greatest work happens when collaborating with other talented people to create wonderful experiences for our audiences everywhere.  I want to create engaging entertainment that speaks to people’s emotions to make them think, feel and believe.  My passion started when, at a young age, my grandfather and I built a miniature train set in my parents' attic.  I loved the creation of environments and wished to be able to step right into my train set.  I eventually did by entering the field of themed entertainment.


Kevin and Keebo

    When I’m not focused on themed entertainment I enjoy playing and writing music (some of which I use in my animation work), painting, designing and building furniture, VR game designing and media creation.  One project in particular is a show called “Themantics”; an online educational series that features my felt counterpart teaching the principles of themed spatial design.


    Above all, my most important work is done volunteering at Give Kids the World.  Give Kids the World is an ADA equipped, child-friendly fantasy village in central Florida that provides a theme park adjacent home base for wish-granting organizations such as the “Make a Wish Foundation”.  As an ambassador and tour guide for Give Kids the World Village I am privileged to meet these diverse families face to face and revel in their joy of having fun together.  Every time I put pencil to paper I think of these kids and their families.  I am not just designing for myself and my team; I am creating something with the sole purpose for these most deserving of guests to have a truly extraordinary experience.  They will always be my most important client.  It’s because of these families I will always go the extra mile, striving for the greatest, smartest, and most engaging entertainment for any guest who has the opportunity to experience something that I helped make.


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