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Nickelodeon theme park

Sketchup   l   Layout  l   AutoCAD   l   Maya   l   Lumion   l   Photoshop

Lead Show Designer

   Embark on your journey aboard the iconic orange blimp to far off lands where you can explore with Dora, chill in a pineapple under the sea with Spongebob Squarepants, and bend the elements to claim victory against the Fire Nation alongside the Avatar only at the Nickelodeon Theme Park and Resort.

   As the Lead Show Designer for the resort, my primary responsibility was to manage the 3D show element design for all E-Ticket attractions, theatrical and stunt spectacular shows, immersive dining experiences, themed retail spaces, and branded on-site hotels.

promotional renderings

I provided massing models and art direction for promotional renderings used for IP buy-off and stakeholder presentations.

Project created in collaboration with Rethink Leisure and Entertainment LLC

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