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Below are theoretical projects that I have created as creative exercises within the real of themed entertainment design. I have created all assets for each from sketches, to models to renderings. My favorite challenges are ones that fix a problem or fill a need in an existing park. All projects below address an underutilized opportunity in real theme parks that I have identified and intend to theoretically solve.

Isle Delfino - A Super Nintendo World

Toon Lagoon at Universal's Islands of Adventure is one of the most intricate and sprawling lands in Islands of Adventure. It contains two of the most popular attractions in the park but it has a simple problem; intellectual property popularity. While the worlds of Jay Ward and King Features Syndicate are timeless stories, they do not meet the current theme park standards of popularity that warrant the need for supportive merchandise and F&B locations. The challenge to myself was to find an IP currently owned by Universal that would be able to encapsulate the current attractions while also fitting in seamlessly into Islands of Adventure.

star trek klingon capture - universal studios florida

Very soon after the opening of the attraction, Fast and Furious Supercharged, it was clear that this new addition to Univesal Studios was underperforming. My challenge was to consider the existing building, layout and location, but also use these limitations to find the areas of opportunity to bring a unique experience to USF.

fazbear's Fright - Halloween experience

A Halloween maze/house experience based on Five Nights at Freddy's